Residential development division.

In each of the communities we develop, we strive to create an experience that goes beyond the excellence of design and the structural quality of our residences and community spaces. Starting with the selection of the geographical area and the history of each site, each one of our communities has roots in the past, the present and the future of the people and the land where we build.

Conceptualizamos y desarrollamos espacios enfocados en el bienestar de las personas, la comunidad, la integración con el medio ambiente y la promoción de nuestros valores.

Our developments promote the connection between human beings, all in an environment of emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. We materialize concepts that become platforms where our homeowners can achieve their dreams and build a personal legacy.

We create spaces in magical places where each one of us can rediscover our talents, our greatness and our love for life.

Our communities are located in cities and towns with rich cultural history and distinctive character worldwide.

In Espíritu Living, experiences are an integral part of our legacy and one of the qualities we are most proud of. Highlighted activities in some of our communities are:
  • Agro-tourism and wine experiences (Viñedos San Miguel)
  • Programs and spaces dedicated to Well-being (specialized exercises, meditation, seminars, advanced wellness services, spa, etc.)
  • World class restaurants and bars.
  • Magical gathering places (event centers, fire pits, observation towers, wine cellars, star gazing areas, etc.)