We believe that great projects arise from big questions and therefore, to find the right answers, it is necessary to go back to basics. Care, generosity and responsibility are the foundations of our model. Here is where we connect to what really matters in life: people.

Our Spirit (Espiritu) is the energy that drives our vision into reality, creating meaningful sensorial and emotional experiences to share and enjoy with our customers and loved ones.

The best things in this world are those that touch our very soul. Sharing time with our loved ones, our friendships and living the experiences that leave a positive mark on us.
This is what defines our “raison d’être”, the desire to integrate life highest values in everything we build. For us, True Wellness goes way beyond a healthy physical condition, it truly touches Body and Soul.
We are a core group of friends with more than a combined 150 years of expertise in multiple disciplines: Construction, Concept Development, Architecture, Interior Design, Wellness, Hospitality Operations and Law, to name a few. Together, we conceptualize more than just a building or space; we develop projects that contribute to materializing a better world with every touchpoint.
Wellness is in the heart of everything we do. With that in mind, Grupo Espíritu was structured into multiple divisions that give us the necessary versatility to develop a variety of projects in residential real estate, hospitality, technology, services and other ventures.
We have partnered with some of the world’s best Health and Wellness companies and experts to develop a unique value proposition.
Hence, why we only choose projects that offer the potential to build unique experiences, leave a sustainable legacy and, above all, meaningful human connections.
Everything we do is based on our three macro objectives:

  • Human Sustainability is in the heart of everything we develop.
  • Develop concepts that enhance the lives of our clients and team members.
  • Always deliver quality, integrity and authenticity